Travel Tip of the Week – Planning a Round the World Trip

Round the world trips can open the door to a world of discovery. They offer you the opportunity to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity, where you can interact with locals and experience a multitude of different cultures and destinations, all in one action-packed adventure. Here, you’ll find a clear guide on how to plan your very own RTW trip. How to travel For the majority, planning a trip of such scale means that you will be trying to make each and every one of your penny stretch as [&hellip

All I Want for Christmas is…a Festive Hassle Free Holiday.

snowy plane

The Top 5 Christmas Travel Tips Travelling in the festive season can be a busy and stressful time, especially if the weather is as expected! There are a few top tips which will make your travelling a lot less traumatic, so replace your snow boots with a nice new pair of flips flops and board that plane in time, but most importantly, peacefully. 1. Take an early morning flight. Not only do the first flights of the day typically have better on-time departure statistics, they can help you avoid weather-related [&hellip

How to Pack a Holiday Suitcase

Firstly, lay out everything you want to pack on the bed.  Set aside one set of clothes to travel in – it can be useful to wear your bulkiest clothes and shoes in case it is cold when you arrive. Start with packing your shoes, placing each one inside a bag so they don’t dirty your clothes (a regular carrier bag will do).  Inside each shoe, stuff as many socks and/or pieces of underwear as you can, right down into the toes.  This not only saves space, but also prevents [&hellip

Travel Tip of the Week – Must Do’s on Arrival

After finally dropping your bags in the room, the next 24 hours of your holiday can be a mixture of exhilaration, jet lag and disorientation. Having a solid, step-by-step plan of what you need to do on arrival can truly get you into the right mindset and set the tone for a fascinating and eye-opening journey. Charge your electronic equipment On arrival, the first thing you should do when entering your room is to get out all of your electronics and charge as many as the plug sockets will allow. [&hellip

How To Prevent Loss And Theft Of Your Luggage, And What To Do If You Lose Your Bags


When you arrive at your holiday destination you expect your luggage to arrive by your side, but sometimes your luggage has been lost en route or at the luggage claim – which is not particularly an uncommon occurrence these days. For many this is a disaster, the end of their holiday fun, but not all hope is lost! Here are few ways in which you can handle the loss of your luggage, or prevent losing it in the first place. Take a Picture It’s a good idea to take a [&hellip