Travel Tip of the Week – How to Begin Your Holiday on a High

October 5th 2012

You’ve browsed every holiday site known to man, and have finally found the perfect ‘get away’ location…but you want the shifty holiday hunting sessions in your supposedly working hours to be worth the hassle. Arriving at the airport, getting on the plane and reaching your destination all in one piece can be difficult. So here […]



Travel Tip of the Week – Staying Fresh on your Travels

September 20th 2012

Whether you’re stuck on a long-haul flight for several hours or rocking out to your favourite bands at an annual festival, staying fresh and feeling clean is always important. After a while, even the cleanliest of people start to feel a little grotty, especially if the area they are in is hot, humid or naturally […]



Backpacker Essentials

September 13th 2012

We decided to put together a backpacking guide that contains all the essential backpacking items you’ll need to know about before leaving for your trip… Sun protection Sunglasses, sun cream and lip balm are the three main sun protective items that you need to take with you. In some places, the sun’s UV rays can […]



Travel Tip of the Week – Keeping Warm while Camping

September 7th 2012

  Camping is a fun and affordable way to take a last minute trip, survive at a music festival or save money on expensive accommodation when travelling for a long while. Summer camping is certainly more appealing for the weather assurances, a warm breeze in the evening and a late night sunset makes the experience […]



Top 5 Most Underrated European Destinations

September 6th 2012

As European travel becomes ever more popular, now could be the perfect time to take a look at some destinations you may not have considered before. We know everyone enjoys a good beach break with cocktails on tap and an evening cabaret show, but if you’re looking for something a little bit different there’s a […]



Travel Tip of the Week: Don’t Lose Your Trip Through a Lens

August 31st 2012

We’ve published a travel tip previously which recommends that you capture the great memories which you get from your travels using a camera and this is something which still stands true for every trip. Capturing moments and views which might fade with time is something which cannot be beaten whilst you travel. But beware the […]



A Mini Macedonia Travel Guide

August 30th 2012

Europe is a fascinating continent, filled with beautiful, exciting and varied countries, yet the majority are only visited sporadically with the likes of Spain, France and Greece often stealing the limelight. The little known landlocked country of Macedonia, in the heart of south east Europe is probably at the bottom of the pile for so […]